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Faheem Qureshi built his company on one overriding principle: Give the customer a better result than they were expecting, every time.

This principle means that he staffs each job correctly, sends teams with the right equipment and supplies and closely monitors every project. His monitoring doesn’t stop until he knows the customer is 100% satisfied.

Doing Each Job the Right Way

His insistence on excellence also means that every job is done the right way, whether it’s scrubbing an industrial oven, disinfecting a huge air handler or completing any of the dozen other types of cleaning jobs AECS specializes in.

Faheem never assumes that newly-hired employees know how to clean so he trains them to professional standards before they ever arrive on a job site. His teams are also trained to minimize their impact on the company’s operations and maintain excellent communication with facility and property managers.

Achieving That 100% Satisfaction

One example of Faheem’s drive to achieve 100% satisfaction is demonstrated by a massive exterior cleaning job for a Northern California winery. This facility housed 52 tanks, each towering to 60 feet and reaching 25 feet around. The outside of each tank was coated with ugly black mold.

Undaunted by the vast scope of the job, Faheem hired an OSHA engineer and soon had his team safely elevated to the tops of the tanks, washing away the mold and disinfecting the tanks.

The same drive motivated the team that spent a full month cleaning the air handling system of a large resort that survived California wildfires. Big jobs or small ones, they’re all important and must be done the right way.

Our Process

Your first step is to reach out to discuss your project. We’ll set up a no-charge inspection at the job site. This inspection is necessary to generate an accurate estimate and eliminate last-minute surprises.

A team is then sent out at the best time to minimize the team’s impact on operations. The job is closely monitored to ensure the customer gets the exact result they want – or better!

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California Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Services

We clean air ducts anywhere in California. Every duct cleaning and professional service we do is strictly in accordance with the guidelines provided by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We train our staff to professional standards using these guidelines and ensure they are followed every time.

You can download these guidelines here: https://nadca.com/

These standards mandate steps like these:

  • Before doing an inspection of a project, the inspector must know exactly what impact that inspection could have on the building environment and its occupants.
  • To prevent cross-contamination, any contaminated materials removed from the system must be contained before taking them out of the building. This means that dust, mold, animal dander and other contaminants will not be distributed to other parts of your building.
  • Any time vacuum collection equipment exhausts its air indoors, that air must pass through a HEPA filter first.

Why Choose Us?

  • Every job is completed to comply with or exceed NADCA standards
  • We know and follow California health and safety codes
  • We provide COVID-19 disinfection according to CDC and EPA standards
  • Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+
  • We make sure every technician is trained to industry standards

During the job, we maintain tight coordination with your management. Because industrial and commercial cleaning services often need to be done in off-hours, we work on the schedule that’s best for you.

Whether it’s HVAC systems, swamp cooler units, laundry dryer exhaust or other types of air handling system, we clean them all. We also clean industrial and commercial kitchens, silos, tanks, rooftops, parking structures, trash chutes and so much more. We are licensed to service commercial and industrial buildings and residences across California.

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