Cleaning HVAC systems including the ducts results in fresh-smelling, clean air for your employees, customers and guests. We not only remove debris and contaminants, we also sanitize the system and make minor repairs as we work. We know the right way to clean each component of your system, from intake to exhaust during our profession HVAC and duct cleaning.

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Exhaust Fans, Hoods and Ducts

Many commercial operations rely on exhaust fans to maintain a healthy and clean environment. But these workhorses can be bogged down by an accumulation of dirt, plant matter, chemicals or manufacturing residues. Keeping exhaust systems and hoods clean is a vital part of maintaining the effectiveness of the system and preventing the need for repairs.

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Grease Exhaust Fans and Ducts

You need to get unwanted grease out of your kitchen or industrial operation, but this oily substance is naturally attracted to blades, ducts and other components of the exhaust system. Eventually, this accumulation slows down moving parts and can present a serious fire hazard. Scrubbing this system clean removes this flammable material and protects mechanical elements.

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Commercial and Industrial Kitchens

In a commercial or industrial kitchen, maintaining cleanliness has everything to do with protecting the quality of your products. We can clean every part of your kitchen from your air supply and grease exhaust to grills, ovens, walls and floors. This important maintenance helps keep you in compliance with state and local health and sanitation regulations.

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Industrial Baking Ovens

Cleaning industrial ovens is one of the toughest jobs out there, and requires experienced workers equipped with the correct techniques and supplies. Our staff have the know-how and the determination to provide you with an excellent result while protecting your investment.

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Additional Services

Our services don’t stop there. We also tackle trash chutes, laundry exhausts, tanks, silos, pits, trenches, rooftops, post-construction cleanup, residential cleaning and much more. We also provide services to apartment complexes and the hospitality industry.

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Every job starts with a detailed inspection so we know the exact scope of your job. Our CEO, Faheem Qureshi, will then provide you with a cost estimate for your job and the length of time needed for completion.

Our goal is exceeding the expectations of every customer with detailed attention to the quality of cleaning, protection of their investments and excellent communication at every stage of the job. We look forward to providing you with the same level of service. Please call to start your inspection and estimate: (818) 399-2417.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your company do an inspection before the job even starts?

That’s because we are going to provide you with a written quote based on that inspection. Every building is different and we want your estimate to be complete and correct before the job starts. That way, there’s no surprises later on.

We routinely clean out pollen, leaves and other plant matter, spores, fungi, insects, dust, bacteria, yeasts, worms, rust and water. There’s also human-created contaminants like hair, fibers, paper fragments, smoke and cooking and industrial residues.

We’ve never seen one yet that we could not complete on time. We know how to allocate our staff resources so your job can be completed the right way in the time frame you need it done.

We can complete our job on the best schedule for your business. Just tell us when you need the work done.

We routinely complete jobs all over California. You don’t need to be in a major metropolitan area. We will come to your location.

The average business should get their ducts cleaned every three to five years. But certain businesses need to schedule more frequent cleanings. For example, healthcare facilities, any buildings regularly visited by animals, businesses that produce chemicals, smoke, dust, sawdust or metal fragments and food manufacturing facilities should all be cleaned more frequently.

When your ducts are kept clean on the proper schedule, your equipment will work at peak efficiency. The motors in your system will experience the lowest loads and stress. Corrosion and rust will be minimal. Your employees will be happier and healthier while they are on the premises and that means their job performance will not be impeded by poor air quality.

We know what a healthy air handling system looks like. If we find areas where water or contaminants are leaking in, we’ll seal them up. If your system needs repair or replacement, we will give you the information you need to get that work started.

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