Even if a construction crew cleans up before they leave, their job does not include the final polish that leaves a facility shining. That’s where we come in. We get your office, commercial, manufacturing or industrial facility ready to open (or reopen) its doors for business.

When our team arrives, they follow the exact sequence of actions needed to prepare properties to open for business after construction. They have the right supplies and know exactly how each surface should be cleaned. Hiring a thoroughly-trained, post-construction cleaning team gives you the best result in the shortest amount of time.

As part of the job, we’ll remove any leftover construction debris such as nails, screws, glass or metal. Your floors will be brought to a high shine and any carpets that lived through the construction will be thoroughly vacuumed and steam cleaned to eliminate all the construction dust. Of course, every inch of glass or mirror will sparkle, along with countertops, cabinets and other surfaces. In most cases, even the walls need to be wiped down to eliminate dust and dirt.

Before our team’s arrival, we’ll do an inspection so you get an accurate estimate of costs and we know exactly what equipment we need to do the job fast and right. Whether it’s scissor lifts, steam cleaners and extension ladders we need to bring for your job, or just dozens of trash bags, steam cleaners, mops and cleaning cloths, our crew will arrive prepared. And when we’re done, your property will be presentable to employees and the public!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our construction company says they will clean up before they leave. Why would we need a company like yours?

The kind of cleaning a construction company does is very different from the kind of cleaning we do. Their staff are not trained in fine cleaning and their equipment is only suited for removing more obvious types of dirt and debris. Our staff are focused on bringing your project to a high level of polish and shine, ready for occupation.

Couldn’t any cleaning company do this kind of job?

Most cleaning companies are experienced in cleaning offices and production facilities. They seldom have the kind of skills necessary to walk into post-construction dust and debris and turn that property into a showplace, ready to be toured by the most demanding tenant or client.

Our construction project consists of a rather large property. Can you tackle this kind of project?

We relish the challenge of a large property. We know just how to allocate our personnel to get your project done on the timeline you need.

What makes your teams qualified for work like this?

We’re different from other cleaning companies. Many other companies are getting by with low-paid staff who are expected to know how to clean when they are hired. They are then given discount supplies and materials. Our philosophy is to treat every employee like a professional. We hire the most competent staff possible and then train them from the ground up on cleaning the right way. We give them the best and most ecologically-sound cleaners and materials possible. We pay them like professionals and they respond by providing superior service and staying with the company for the long term.

What if I’m not completely happy with the way the job is done?

Our management staff inspect every job to ensure it is done right before we consider the job complete. But even then, if you see something that is not satisfactory, we’ll respond immediately to ensure that you are completely pleased with the result.

Will your team bring their own equipment or do we need to provide it?

Based on the initial inspection of your job, we will know exactly what will be required to complete your post-construction cleanup the right way. Our staff will arrive with every tool, supply or cleaning material they will need for your property.

What about speciality construction jobs like kitchens, silos or tanks?

Our staff have experience cleaning a variety of speciality structures. Chances are very good that we’ll be fully qualified to tackle your specialty job.

What’s the final result I should expect from a post-construction cleanup?

Your property should be 100% ready for any tenant to move in, any client to tour, or any property manager to show to prospective buyers or renters.

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