Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Food Manufacturing Oven?

Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Food Manufacturing Oven

If you run a food manufacturing plant, then you know that industrial ovens are a vital part of the production process. They need to be clean and free of any contaminants in order to produce safe, quality products. 

Many businesses try to save money by having their employees clean the ovens, but this can actually end up costing more time and cash in the long run. Industrial ovens are nothing like the ones most of us have in our kitchens at home, so properly cleaning them requires unique knowledge that most of your employees probably don’t have. 

Four Good Reasons You Should Hire Professionals to Clean Your Industrial Ovens

If you want to reduce your risk of fires and maintain the high quality of your products, you should hire professionals to clean your food manufacturing ovens. Here are four good reasons why: 

1. Get Industrial Oven Cleaning Done Right the First Time

When it comes to industrial baking ovens, proper cleaning is essential in order to remove all the residue and reduce your risk of an explosive flash fire. While it may be tempting to cut corners on the cleaning process or let your own employees handle it, doing so could have serious consequences. 

  • Untrained employees can easily get hurt cleaning industrial baking ovens.
  • Doing it yourself is dangerous if you don’t know the proper steps for cleaning an industrial oven.
  • Your risk of fire only decreases if the oven is thoroughly cleaned, which careless or rushed employees may not always ensure gets done.

2. Protect Your Industrial Oven from Accidental Damage

An industrial oven is not cheap. And even though they are made to withstand extremely high temperatures, you’d be surprised at how easily they can be damaged by an untrained cleaner. If you don’t know what materials and cleaning solutions are safe to use in your industrial oven, would you risk cleaning it yourself? 

Professional cleaners have the experience and training to know the do’s and don’ts of industrial oven cleaning. When we inspect your oven, we make sure we know exactly what is and is not safe to use when cleaning it to ensure your investment is protected. 

3. Professionals Have the Right Tools To Clean Industrial Ovens Safely

Have you ever started a DIY job and realized that you didn’t have some important tool or material to complete it? That can happen when cleaning industrial ovens, too. If you’re trying to handle it yourself, you may not know what the proper tools and materials are for this kind of job. This means you lose even more production time having to go out and buy the right tools. 

Professional cleaning crews like ours at Advanced Environmental arrive at the job site with all the tools and materials we’ll need to get your ovens sparkling clean so your facility can get back to business quickly. 

4. Speed and Skill Come from Experience Cleaning Industrial Ovens

Whenever you’re trying to learn how to do something, it takes time to get it right. It takes even more time to become competent and fast. Can your facility afford to wait for one of your employees (or yourself) to gain the experience necessary to clean your ovens quickly and correctly? Most likely not!

That’s why you should hire professionals. We can take care of your industrial ovens with the precision and speed that comes with years of experience. We can get your ovens cleaned fast so you can focus on production. 

Protect Your Industrial Oven with Professional Cleaning

Our crews at Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services have the skills and knowledge to clean your industrial baking ovens. We can get the job done right and fast because we come prepared. We’ll work with you to develop a routine cleaning schedule that keeps your ovens safe with minimal disturbance of your production time. 

Don’t risk your investment on DIY cleaning (or no cleaning at all)! Call us at (818) 399-2417 today to schedule your inspection and estimate.

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