Why California Businesses Should Get Regular HVAC Cleaning

Why California Businesses Should Get Regular HVAC Cleaning

Wildfires pose a unique risk to California businesses. Recent environmental studies have shown that the air quality in California is among the worst in the United States in large part due to the massive wildfires we experience. This is especially true in SoCal where fires are more frequent. 

Fire is dangerous on its own, but there’s another threat that follows wildfires which can impact your business:  the smoke. Even if your business isn’t located close to a wildfire, the smoke and ash that California wildfires generate can travel through the air for miles. This smoke carries with it pollutants that can get into your building and affect not just your air quality, but your health. 

Think your HVAC air filters can handle it? Think again!

How Smoke and Other Air Pollutants Affect Your HVAC System

There are two main situations that can impact your business when smoke from wildfires gets into your HVAC system: 

Lowered air quality: Your HVAC system takes in air from outside your building, condenses it, and filters it before sending it into your building. But when there’s smoke from a wildfire, that outside air isn’t clean—it’s carrying ash and soot along with it.

Most commercial HVAC systems aren’t built to filter out that level of pollution, and so your building’s air will be contaminated. This could lead to respiratory irritation, illness, and other unpleasant experiences for you, your employees, and your customers.

Inefficient performance: When your commercial HVAC system takes in polluted air, the ash and soot don’t stay trapped neatly in the filter. Those particles can build up on the internal mechanisms that keep your HVAC system running. 

If it isn’t handled fast, that buildup can clog your system and cause it to work harder. This leads to increased power bills, damaged equipment, and even a complete breakdown of your HVAC system. 

How To Protect Your Business from Wildfire Smoke

It’s important for your business to have clean, fresh air. You don’t want your employees or customers breathing in polluted air and experiencing negative side effects. And you also don’t want an unexpected HVAC breakdown or massive repair bill due to buildup in your system. So in order to prevent these issues and achieve clean, safe air in your business, you should have your HVAC system regularly cleaned by a certified, professional crew. 

Our crews at Advanced Environmental know the best and fastest ways to remove ash, dust and soot from your HVAC unit and all its connected ductwork. With our quality cleaning service, your business can enjoy: 

  • Clean air free of contaminants from wildfires
  • Fewer allergies and respiratory issues among your employees
  • A safe environment for production
  • More efficient HVAC functionality
  • A longer lifespan on your HVAC system and its parts

Advanced Environmental Provides HVAC Cleaning for California Businesses

Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services works with businesses all across California. We deliver high-quality cleaning of HVAC systems and other commercial spaces and tools. 

If your business is being affected by the smoke from wildfires, call us at (818) 399-2417 to schedule an inspection and estimate. We can get your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned so your business can enjoy fresh, safe air.

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