Warning Signs Your Food Manufacturing Plant Needs Cleaning

Warning Signs Your Food Manufacturing Plant Needs Cleaning

Food manufacturers are under constant pressure to produce safe, high-quality products. To meet this demand, they must maintain clean and efficient production facilities. However, grease and residue buildup can pose a serious fire hazard in these plants. Fires in food manufacturing facilities are a serious problem that can lead to extensive damage, costly repairs, the shutdown of your plant, and even loss of life. 

What Are the Warning Signs Your Food Manufacturing Plant Needs Cleaning?

You know you need to keep your food manufacturing plant clean to prevent grease and residue buildup. But how can you tell if your plant is at risk? There are two main warning signs you must be alert for: 

  • Your exhaust system slows down: Grease buildup on your exhaust fans can weigh down and wear out the machinery before its time. If your plant is dealing with poor exhaust airflow, this could be why. 
  • Grease or debris drop down into your products: This happens when there is too much grease buildup inside your air ducts and exhaust fans. As your plant is running, it gets warmer and this buildup gets softer. Then gravity pulls it down on your products and ruins them.

Protect Your Food Manufacturing Plant with Routine Cleaning 

Cleanliness is critical in the food manufacturing industry. A clean plant protects the product and helps the company stay in compliance with health and sanitation regulations. In addition, a clean plant is more efficient and productive, and it helps to create a positive work environment. In contrast, a dirty plant is a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants, which puts your business at risk of legal penalties and a damaged reputation. 

This is why you should always take the time to ensure your food manufacturing plant is clean.

  • Check your equipment for residue buildup regularly, especially your ovens and exhaust systems.
  • Invest in regular cleanings from certified professional cleaners like Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services.

What Happens When You Ignore the Warning Signs of a Dirty Food Manufacturing Plant

Ask any firefighter, and they’ll tell you that grease fires can get out of control fast. We’ve seen the results of businesses that didn’t take the warning signs seriously, which is why we maintain a high attention to detail at every California business that we clean. 

In one case, we did work for a plant after excessive grease buildup caught fire. The fire spread so far and so fast in this plant that it even affected the roof. Not only was the company prevented from resuming their operations until their building was cleaned and repaired, but they also had to pass a thorough inspection from the local fire department to prove their standards were up to par before they were allowed to reopen. 

If your business can’t afford the loss of valuable production time that follows an incident like this, you should invest in professional cleaning services. 

Call Advanced Environmental for Food Manufacturing Plant Cleaning

Who can you trust to ensure the cleanliness of your food manufacturing plant? Our team at Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services! We take care of businesses all across California, and we can get your plant sparkling clean to protect your investment, your employees, and your customers. 

Don’t ignore the warning signs of grease buildup in your food manufacturing plant. Call us at (818) 399-2417 today to schedule a detailed inspection and estimate for your business.

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