Maintaining a Healthy, Efficient Commercial Exhaust System

Maintaining a Healthy, Efficient Commercial Exhaust System

If you own or operate a commercial facility, then you know how important it is to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for your employees. This means keeping the temperature and ventilation at ideal levels and making sure the air is free of contaminants like dust, bacteria, and mold. 

Your commercial exhaust system plays a critical role in achieving this, but over time it can accumulate contaminants that reduce its efficacy and put strain on the machinery. In order to keep your facility safe and prevent costly breakdowns and repairs, it’s important to have your exhaust systems regularly cleaned by experienced professionals. 

Buildup Can Wear Down Your Exhaust System

Over time, the blades and other parts of commercial exhaust fans can become clogged with dust, grease, and other contaminants. The extra weight and resistance this buildup adds puts more stress on the motor, which can cause it to wear down, overheat, and need repairs more often than it should. This will be easy to spot if you know the following signs to watch out for: 

  • Foul odors that don’t go away despite exhaust fans being on.
  • Particles like dust stay suspended in the air instead of being sucked away.
  • Your exhaust system needs frequent repairs regardless of age.
  • Your business’s energy bills are increasing.

Routine cleaning of your commercial exhaust fans is essential to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Not only will this help to extend the lifespan of the machinery, but it will also save on energy costs by ensuring that the fan is not working any harder than necessary. 

Protect your exhaust system and your investment!

Dirty Exhaust Fans Attract Mold and Pests

Maintaining clean commercial exhaust fans is also essential for the health and safety of your employees and the quality of your products. Dirty exhaust fans are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and fungi, which can become airborne and affect the health of your employees. 

The growth of mold in your air ducts can also attract pests that create more health hazards in your facility. These include: 

  • Rats and mice
  • Mold mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Fungus gnats

In addition, dirty exhaust fans can negatively impact the quality of your products. When the mold and other contaminants become airborne, they will eventually settle down—all over your production floor. These particles can get into your products, affecting their appearance and quality. 

To protect your employees, your products, and your business, you need someone you can trust to keep your commercial exhaust fans clean.

Call Advanced Environmental for Commercial Exhaust System Cleaning

Our crews at Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services work with businesses all across California to provide clean, safe work environments. We can work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that will limit the impact to your production so that you can have a clean exhaust system without sacrificing precious time. 

With regular cleanings from our crews, your business can achieve: 

  • Exhaust fans working at peak efficiency to remove contaminants from your air
  • Reduced energy costs caused by the buildup on your machinery
  • Prolonged equipment life and reduced need for repairs
  • A healthier, cleaner environment for employees and visitors

Call us at (818) 399-2417 today to schedule your inspection and estimate, and let our crew take care of yours!

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