Is Your Industrial Oven a Fire Hazard?

Is Your Industrial Oven a Fire Hazard

No one ever wants to think about their workplace going up in flames. But the sad reality is that industrial fires are all too common, and they can cause untold damage to both your plant and your employees. One of the most common causes of industrial fires is an industrial oven. Poorly done or irregular cleaning can turn your facility’s important equipment into a disaster waiting to happen. 

In order to prevent industrial oven fires, you need to know what causes them and what steps you need to take to keep your facility safe. 

What Causes Industrial Oven Fires?

Industries use ovens to heat large quantities of materials at extremely high temperatures. This allows production to get done on a much larger scale, but it requires responsible use to be done safely. 

One of the most common causes of industrial oven fires is a build-up of combustible residue inside the oven. If you aren’t thoroughly cleaning out your ovens, leftover product and soot will build up. But this residual product, even if it’s just ash, is highly combustible. The intense heat generated by your industrial oven can ignite the residue and cause an explosive flash fire. 

This fire won’t simply be contained in your oven. These types of fires can damage your industrial oven and your exhaust system. If your exhaust system is also dirty, it gives the fire more combustible material to burn which can accelerate the flames and spread them even further. This is why it is so important to have your industrial ovens regularly cleaned. 

Signs That Your Facility Is at Risk of an Industrial Oven Fire

You want your facility to be safe and productive. So how can you tell if you are at risk of a damaging industrial oven fire? There are a few key situations to watch out for: 

Buildup of debris in your oven, exhaust system, or ductwork

As explained above, the debris leftover from heating your product is combustible. So if you notice that you have excess debris inside your oven, or if your exhaust system and ducts look dirty, you should get them cleaned right away. 

Debris falling into your products

You may not notice if your oven, exhaust system, or ductwork is full of debris, but you’ll definitely notice if your products are suddenly contaminated. If you’re seeing dust, ash, or other debris in your products when they come out of the oven, that’s a key sign your industrial oven needs cleaning. 

Do Your Employees Have the Training To Clean Industrial Ovens? 

You may be thinking that you can simply tell your employees to keep the industrial ovens clean and that will handle the fire risk. But cleaning industrial ovens is not as easy as it sounds, especially without prior experience or the right tools. A professional cleaning crew like ours at Advanced Environmental has the tools, training, and experience to clean your ovens quickly and correctly. That means we can get the job done right without damaging your expensive equipment. 

Protect Your Investment with Regular Industrial Oven Cleaning

Your industrial oven is a crucial part of your business, and you can’t afford to have it out of commission for long. That’s why you need a professional oven cleaning service that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our crews have experience cleaning all types of industrial ovens, and we know how to get the job done with minimal impact on your production time. We also follow best practices and OSHA guidelines to ensure that your oven is cleaned thoroughly and safely. So if you’re looking for a professional, experienced, and trustworthy oven cleaning service, look no further!

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