While many industrial ovens run around the clock, it’s vital to schedule regular, professional cleaning to preserve their components and protect the quality of the products processed in the equipment. Here at Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services, with over 15 years of experience, we offer industrial oven cleaning in Los Angeles and throughout California, for kitchens of all sizes.

Our commercial oven cleaning crews have experience carefully cleaning a wide range of ovens. Many of the ovens we’ve cleaned are used to prepare foodstuffs and some are used for purposes as diverse as baking roofing shingles or powder coating. The key is to eliminate contaminants while protecting the heating elements, insulation and moving parts of the oven.

Crumbs, grease, soot, and chemical residues accumulate, forming hard-to-remove layers. Regular cleaning keeps this build-up from accumulating and prevents more costly problems down the road. By scheduling regular industrial oven cleanings, you extend the serviceable life of your equipment and prevent fires.

The first thing we do as part of your industrial oven cleaning in Los Angeles or CA is perform an inspection of your oven exhausts and see what maintenance they may require. It is vital that they are not clogged and that any exhaust fumes flow properly and safely. We then use the right tools and cleaning solutions to remove debris, residues, crumbs and other baked-on contaminants.

Is Oven Cleaning a Do-It-Yourself Task?

Is it cost-efficient to have your own staff perform the cleaning in-house? Because we have the right tools and equipment on hand and our crews have both training and experience, we can clean your ovens in far less time than your own personnel. We will work with you to set a precise schedule for your project that includes allowing ovens to cool before we start.

We accommodate your needs and move quickly. We are experts in our field, and know how to get the job done right and on a schedule that minimally interferes with your operations. Our crews do this day in and day out. Carefully choosing and sticking with the same cleaning company keeps cleaning time to a minimum so you can get back to business.

Ovens in California

Headed by CEO Faheem Qurashi, our team will do a complete inspection of your oven and give you a custom estimate for any work needed. We service and clean all types and brands of ovens, including Davron, Grieve, Wisconsin conveyors, or any type of tunnel or curing oven. We service the entire state of California. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important to hire cleaning professionals that are experienced in industrial oven cleaning?

A typical cleaning company has no idea of what is involved in cleaning an industrial oven the right way. This is a specialty skill that our staff here at Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services are trained to perform the right way. We also have extensive experience cleaning these complicated structures. And we know how to protect the more delicate mechanisms we might encounter as we progress through the job.

We don’t want there to be any surprises for you. Therefore, we need to know exactly how large, and possibly complex, your industrial oven is and how much cleaning it needs to return it to peak operating condition. We will provide you with a written quote with details of exactly what we plan to do on your project. That way, we both know exactly what the job will entail.

Our initial detailed inspection and written quote will provide you with specifics on how we will perform your cleaning job. If there is anything you need to add to the job to ensure it’s done just the way you want, we can add it right then, before our crew is scheduled. We draw on our expertise and extensive experience with industrial ovens all over California to fully meet your requirements.

Yes, we are prepared to send our crew on the schedule that works best for your production line.

If your ovens are not cleaned on a regular schedule, they can accumulate deposits of crumbs, grease, powder coatings, ceramic debris or other residues. Removing these at the right intervals means that your ovens will heat up quickly and evenly, saving you money on energy and providing even heating to everything on your production line.

When our staff get to know your facility and the exact configuration of your industrial oven, repeat cleaning jobs can be done even more quickly and efficiently than the first time. It is to your advantage to choose us as your regular industrial cleaning company.

Our crews routinely travel to every corner of the state of California. Our services are so specialized and there are so few companies with our level of competence that our crews are in great demand.

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