Dangers of Dirty Exhaust Systems in Food Manufacturing Plants

6. Dangers of Dirty Exhaust Systems in Food Manufacturing Plants

Your food manufacturing plant’s exhaust systems operate around the clock to vent airborne contaminants from your building. This keeps your employees safe and makes your facility much more pleasant to work in. But did you know that a dirty exhaust system poses more severe risks to your employees, your building, and your investment? 

Dirty Exhaust Systems Produce Toxic Air and Odors 

When your food manufacturing plant’s exhaust system is covered in built-up grease, dirt, and other particles, the system can’t do its job effectively. These contaminants can slow down the internal machinery, making it have to work harder to exhaust the air from your building. But that constant overworking of your exhaust system can cause it to lose its effectiveness and even break down. This will become obvious in your plant due to: 

  • Rising energy costs from exhaust fans working harder
  • Less clean air in your plant
  • Foul smells that linger 
  • Needing repairs on your exhaust system more often
  • Employees suffering from respiratory irritation, allergies, or other health problems

At best, this means that any unpleasant smells that occur as a result of your production can’t be vented out of your building easily. But at worst, depending on what your facility produces, it could mean that your air is filled with toxic or unsafe particles that can make your employees sick and open you up to legal liabilities. 

Dirty Exhaust Systems Are Health Code Violations

It’s no surprise that a dirty food manufacturing plant will not pass a health inspection. But did you know that your exhaust fans and ductwork can make or break your good grade with the inspector? Dirty and greasy exhaust fans and ductwork will be spotted by health inspectors because they know many businesses don’t put in the time to do a thorough deep cleaning—or they don’t think about the exhaust system because it’s out of sight. 

And why would dirty fans and ducts affect your health inspection? Because the buildup can get to the point that it starts to break off from your fans and ducts and fall back to your production floor. This can contaminate your products and cause all sorts of problems for your plant. 

Dirty Exhaust Systems Can Cause Flash Fires

Last, but certainly not least, dirty exhaust fans are a common cause of flash fires. A flash fire is a type of fire that ignites and spreads quickly at high temperatures. This happens when combustible materials like dust are ignited. And once it has started, a flash fire will quickly burn up all the available fuel (like oxygen) surrounding it as well as ignite other combustible particles nearby. The result is a fast-spreading fire that can endanger your employees, damage your equipment, and stop your production in its tracks. 

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