5 Facts You Need to Know about Keeping HVAC Systems and Ducts Clean

It’s a wise building owner or manager who understand that clean air ducts and HVAC equipment play a vital role in maintain a healthy, energy-efficient workplace. We want to point out five things you really should know if maintaining a healthy, clean workplace is part of your responsibility.

1. Dirt in the Ducts

Having dirt in your ducts and HVAC equipment doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your system. Your whole HVAC system accumulates dirt through normal use. Regularly scheduled cleanings are nothing more than proper maintenance for the investment you have made in this equipment. Just like you wouldn’t get a satisfactory result trying to clean a room with a full vacuum cleaner, you can’t get satisfactory airflow with an HVAC system that has accumulated dirt, dust, mold, bacteria and other particulates. Having a professional team clean your HVAC system is almost like turning back the hands of time on your system – it will run better and more effectively, like when it was brand new.

2. Where the Dirt Comes From

The dirt in your ducts and air handling equipment comes from hundreds of sources like these:

  • Tracked-in dirt
  • Dust and particles from nearby construction
  • Carbon and other substances from nearby streets or highways
  • Paper, clothing and carpet dust
  • Mold growing around water leaks or condensation in your system
  • Smog
  • Chemical contaminants from businesses around you or if your business sells, uses or processes chemicals
  • Cigarette smoke if anyone smokes near air intakes
  • Sawdust, concrete or sheetrock dust from construction in the building or in the neighborhood
  • Animal dander and hair if you have animals in your building because your customers have service dogs, you provide training or medical care for animals or permit your employees to bring their dogs to work.

The more your building has any of these influences present, the more your ducts and HVAC equipment will need attention.

3. Employees Treated with Clean Air

After a thorough, professional cleaning of your ducts, your employees will be treated to clean, sweet, fresh air. Make sure your employees know the duct cleaning was done (maybe it happened at night when no one was present). See if anyone comments on the change in air quality. They may notice fewer problems with headaches, allergies or respiratory irritation, especially if you have children or elderly people in your building.

4. Keeping it Clean

Regularly scheduled cleanings help reduce the cost of providing clean, heated or cooled air to your building. Dirty equipment has to work harder to do the same amount of work plus there is more wear and tear on the parts of your system. Cleaning of all the surfaces that come in contact with the air is the best was to ensure the longevity of all the moving parts of your system. If you have the misfortune to live in a city or neighborhood with higher-than-average pollution, attending to the cleanliness of your ducts and equipment is vital.

5. Peak Operating Efficiency

Your building and equipment aren’t like anyone else’s! That’s why you need an inspection of your site and equipment and a proposal and estimate for your job, not a boilerplate estimate that’s gone out to a hundred other companies. At Advanced Environment Cleaning Services, we will give you a proposal designed to bring your equipment to peak operating efficiency.

If you have any questions about keeping your HVAC system clean, call us at 818-399-2417 today. We’d be glad to provide you with answers.

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