Cleaning tanks, silos, pits and trenches is a specialized cleaning service because of the safety challenges involved. Our staff are trained to maintain the highest levels of safety while performing a thorough cleaning according to your specifications. If you’re looking for tank or silo cleaning in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, we can help. At Advanced Environmental Cleaning Services, we have over 15 years of experience in this industry.

Our staff have completed confined space safety and fall prevention training and these procedures are strictly followed on the job. We can perform either wet or dry cleaning in these structures.

Silo Cleaning

Silo cleaning is a critical maintenance task necessary to ensure the efficiency and safety of storage facilities across various industries. Over time, residues like grains, powders, or other materials can accumulate on silo walls, leading to issues such as material bridging, blockages, or contamination.

Cleaning these structures involves specialized techniques and equipment, including high-pressure washing, mechanical removal, or pneumatic cleaning methods.

By systematically removing residues and buildups, silo cleaning prevents potential hazards, maintains product quality, and promotes smooth operations, safeguarding both the integrity of stored goods and the structural stability of the silo itself.

Regular cleaning schedules are essential to prevent clogs, enhance storage capacity, and ensure a safe working environment.


Tank Cleaning

Tanks cleaning is a vital procedure crucial across various industries, ensuring the integrity of stored substances and the longevity of the storage infrastructure.

These tanks, used for liquids, chemicals, or other materials, accumulate residues, sediment, or contaminants over time, potentially compromising the quality of stored products and the tank’s structural integrity.

Professional tank cleaning involves rigorous processes employing specialized equipment like high-pressure washers, robotic cleaners, or manual methods depending on the tank’s size, content, and accessibility. Thorough cleaning eliminates deposits, prevents corrosion, and mitigates the risk of contamination, ensuring optimal storage conditions, regulatory compliance, and the safety of personnel and the environment.

Regular tank maintenance and cleaning schedules are critical to sustaining operational efficiency, preserving product quality, and extending the lifespan of the storage infrastructure.

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